Monday, August 12, 2013

Business Cards - Still the Most Important Marketing Tool

Business cards printed by Wilson Printing

Even with the popularity of social media and online marketing, one of, if not the most important marketing tool is the business card. Business cards are the easiest way to publicize your business and provide potential customers with your information.

Here are some ideas to make sure your business card work for you:

Include complete contact information:
  • name
  • company name
  • phone number including area code
  • email address
  • website address
  • social media addresses

You can also include QR Codes to provide integration with your online media and to automate tasks. For example, you can add QR Codes that will
  • add your contact information to a smartphone's directory
  • connect the smartphone to your website and/or to a specific page on your site
  • add an event to the a smartphone's calendar
Need help? Give us a call! Wilson Printing can help design your business card, and we can show you a variety of papers that will make you look your best.

Wilson Printing is your source for business card printing!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Eye-Catching Invitation Design

Here's a great piece we recently produced for the Santa Barbara Zoo Zoofari Ball. The graphic designer incorporated gold foil into the design that really catches people's attention. 

Gold foil adds a touch of glamor, yet is fairly durable and won't chip off. Gold foil stamping turns an invitation into an eye-catching piece, perfect for invitations that you want to get noticed!

 For a lower cost method, we can also add spot colors to your design using our 6-color Lithrone offset press or our HP Indigo Digital Press. Wilson Printing is the only company in Santa Barbara County offering a 6-color offset and the Indigo!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Catch Their Attention With Sound!

Sound cards aren't just for birthdays! Sound cards are gaining in popularity with direct mail for a great reason - they catch people's attention. If done properly, they can also lead to a viral opportunity. People receiving the sound card may share the card with others.

Here is a great, very simple design of a sound card direct mail piece used by AARP. Opening the card triggers the sound of people cheering, which is part of the "It's Time to Celebrate" message.

For more examples of sound card mailers, visit our promotional products site!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Emergency Kits - A Thoughtful Way to Promote Your Business

With it being fire season, customized emergency kits with your company's logo are a great way to show that you care about your customers and employees.

We have a number of different emergency kits available that can include:
  • water
  • bandages
  • flashlight
  • thermal blanket
  • chemical lightsticks
  • emergency food packs
  • emergency repair tools
  • glass breaking hammer
All food and water are U.S. Coast Guard approved with 5 year shelf life.

To see our selection of emergency kits, please visit our promotional products website.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Promo Products for Conferences - Messenger Bags

We just made these cool messenger bags for Youth Philanthropy Connect's upcoming conference!

YPC is a special project of the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation that connects youth involved in grant-making and philanthropy with their peers and colleagues.
YPC provides educational programming at an annual conference for youth boards and their adult advisers, and advances philanthropy by offering professional development opportunities for youth who will be tomorrow's trustees.

Messenger bags are a great item to promote your organization. They can be used during the conference or trade show - and best of all - used long after the event is over!

For more promotional product ideas, visit our website

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Integrating Print and Online Media - With Notepads!

One of our hardest working promotional products - the Wilson Printing notepad!

The great thing about notepads is that they sit right where you want them - on your customers' desks. The best notepad designs offer more than just a place for people to jot down notes - they provide a way for customers and prospects to contact you and to keep in touch.

Integrate your print and online media by including a QR Code to your website, a QR Code to call, and links to social media pages.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beer Brand Uses Promo Products To Reach Hot Market

Most major beer corporations know if they want to rule the market, it’s about time they begin catering to Hispanic consumers. After all, the buying power of Hispanics has reached $1.2 trillion, which in 2012, was larger than the entire economies of all but 13 countries in the world, according to the UGA Selig Center Multicultural Economy study.

So, employees in Miller’s Hispanic marketing department reached out to Dean Schwartz, owner of Miami-based SOBO Concepts to create authentic tangible campaign elements. Schwartz, who has worked in the Latin American sector his entire career, also runs a popular Latino fashion merchandise store. “They came to us and said that we seemed to have our finger on the pulse of this Hispanic market, so they wanted our help,” Schwartz says.

Miller needed a design for a soccer jersey in honor of the World Cup, so SOBO’s team of artists went to work. They created an Aztec-like emblem for the front of the jersey and a playful name for the back: Ben Frias. “We’re all about figuring out ways to relate to the target audience,” says Schwartz. “One of the most important things is being relevant to consumers.”

After the jersey was a success, Miller came back for more. This time, they wanted a product that celebrated the Hispanics’ love for wrestling. Since soccer is a large part of the Hispanic culture as well, Miller planned to give the item out at soccer games in West Coast cities with heavy Hispanic populations.

SOBO created a “luchalibre” Mexican wrestling mask in the form of a “chivas” to promote Miller’s sponsorship of the Chivas Guadalajara soccer club, whose mascot is a goat. Luchalibre, a term used in Mexico for professional wrestling, is characterized by colorful masks, so the product had to be authentic. “The key was understanding the roles wrestling and soccer play in the community,” says Schwartz. “They wanted to target males, ages 21-35, so we created a recognizable, but creative product. In the Hispanic market, you can talk the talk, but you also have to walk the walk when it comes to knowing what consumers want.”

Miller also supports education in the Latino community, contributing a portion of its Texas and Oklahoma sales to Adelante, a national nonprofit organization committed to providing resources to Latinos seeking to achieve a higher education.

For more creative promotional product ideas, visit the Wilson Printing Promotional Products site!