Monday, August 12, 2013

Business Cards - Still the Most Important Marketing Tool

Business cards printed by Wilson Printing

Even with the popularity of social media and online marketing, one of, if not the most important marketing tool is the business card. Business cards are the easiest way to publicize your business and provide potential customers with your information.

Here are some ideas to make sure your business card work for you:

Include complete contact information:
  • name
  • company name
  • phone number including area code
  • email address
  • website address
  • social media addresses

You can also include QR Codes to provide integration with your online media and to automate tasks. For example, you can add QR Codes that will
  • add your contact information to a smartphone's directory
  • connect the smartphone to your website and/or to a specific page on your site
  • add an event to the a smartphone's calendar
Need help? Give us a call! Wilson Printing can help design your business card, and we can show you a variety of papers that will make you look your best.

Wilson Printing is your source for business card printing!