Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Calendar Tips!

Wow! We are less than 3 months away from another new year! Which means it's time to start planning your calendar printing!

You may have seen our famous desk calendar - the one with the fish. We print over 1,000 every year to give to our customers! Calendars are a great way to keep your name in front of your customers all year round.

Here are a few ideas for your next calendar:

MousePaper Calendar from Wilson Printing

Eco-Friendly MousePaper Calendar
The Multi-Functional Calendar

This is one of the coolest calendars out there. The MousePaper® Recycled Note Paper Mouse Pad Calendars have your message printed on each month. Built with post-consumer recycled paper - pages have 30% and backer is 100%, these Eco-Friendly calendar mouse pads are a promotional "triple-threat" giving you the full impact of a monthly calendar, note pad, and mouse pad. You can start your calendar on ANY month to create an effective calendar promo any time of year. The Month-MousePaper Calendar measures 7.25" x 8.5" x 12 months.

Seeded Paper Calendars
The Calendar That Grows!

Here is a great idea for companies that want to show their green-side.When planted and watered each page will grow into a garden of wildflowers. Calendar includes twelve 6x4" pages in a spiral bound, stand-up format. Use season specific stock graphics or create fully-customized designs for each month. Printed on seed paper with Earth-friendly inks that won't damage the seeds. Our seed paper is 100%-recycled and handmade in USA!

Magnet Calendars
The Calendar Everyone Uses

We all know what refrigerators are really used for - it's where people keep magnet calendars! Magnet calendars are great for companies that want their name and number where people can find it - on the fridge! We can make magnet calendars in a variety of shapes and colors. Have an idea for a shape? Ask us!

The Classic Spiral Bound Calendar
The Calendar That People Want to See

The great thing about the spiral bound calendar is that with the right pictures, your customers will want to hang your calendar where they can see it! This design is perfect for showing off your product line and adding color to their walls.

The Big Desk Calendar
The Calendar That is Always in Front!

This is the classic 17" x 22" desk calendar that we use and customers love to get! People like this design because it has plenty of space to write in daily events and a side bar for notes. What's on your desk?

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